Sponsorship & scholarship - Keumbu Rehema Children’s Home
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Sponsorship & scholarship

You can sponsor an orphan from wherever you are .

Find here how you can make a difference by restoring the lost hope of orphans and vulnerable kids at Keumbu Rehema Children’s Home.


Anybody can sponsor a child, and every dollar helps provide that child’s basic needs. KRCH based on its many years since its inception can accurately say how much it costs to sponsor a child. Every dollar of your sponsorship donation is used to cover the costs of supporting a child.


Donors have an option to either sponsor a child living at KRCH or a child in boarding secondary school or vocational training.

Option 1

Sponsoring a child from our home – Donors may choose to sponsor a child living at Keumbu Rehema Children’s Home and schooling at our Emmanuel Lights School from BB1 to Grade 8. The sponsorship fee goes toward helping a child along with the other children at our home. Full sponsorships include; school and exam fees, school supplies, food, shelter, transportation, etc.


While this fee includes basic medication such as ringworm and malaria medications, it does not include hospital bills if the child becomes seriously ill. It also does not include initial, one-time purchases such as a new mattress, blankets, and pillows, shoes, a school uniform, etc. Sponsors harvest a personal relationship with their child via letters (either scanned or sent by mail), along with photos and other forms of communication.
Sponsorship Opportunities

Rehema Status (full sponsorship, $1,800, paid either in full or quarterly) – Rehema means “mercy “in Swahili and you are just that in the eyes of the child you are sponsoring. By empowering your child and sponsoring him/her to receive everything he/she needs to live happy and productive childhood, you literally saving his/her life. You will receive quarterly updates about your child, photos, and letter correspondence to develop a personal relationship.


Rafiki Status (1/2 sponsorship, $900, paid either in full or quarterly) – Rafiki means “friend” in Swahili and your money goes directly to helping to sponsor a child at our home. If you are not in a position to fully fund a sponsorship, we will be happy to search for someone to meet the other half. You will receive quarterly reports about your child.


Mkombozi Status (1/4 sponsorship, $450 paid in full) – Mkombozi means “ deliverer ” in Swahili. This quarter sponsorship option pays for a child’s care for 3 months and is perfect for groups who wish to sponsor a child together.

Option 2

Sponsoring a secondary school student – Emmanuel Lights primary school helps address the needs of our kids at the orphanage and the vulnerable kids in the Community academically. While we have been very successful in achieving this, unfortunately, we do not operate a secondary school (high school). Donors can choose to sponsor a child from Emmanuel Lights Academy to attend secondary boarding school (high school).


Helping a child who was once on the streets, abandoned and lost in the streets to go through high school I believe it is a great achievement. Beating such odds and challenges in a high school and competing with kids from different social backgrounds is a huge breakthrough. We have more than 100 boarding secondary schools in Kenya.


The Sponsors will harvest a personal relationship with the girl or boy they are sponsoring for secondary school. This relationship is through letters to one another, photos, and phone conversations. By this age, the child you are sponsoring will be able to speak and write fully in English.

The academic year has three terms. The Costs are:

First Year


The first term beginning in January has

  • one-time fee of US$547 for shopping
  • tuition US$300
  • pocket money US$19
  • transportation US$37
  • Total first term tuition and misc fees = US$903.


The second term tuition and misc fees total US$300, needed by April.

The third term tuition and misc fees total US$300, needed by August.

1st year total (January Year 1 – December Year 1) is US$1503.



Subsequent Years (2, 3, and 4)


Each subsequent year, (Year 2, Year 3, and Year 4), tuition, fees, transport, and shopping, as of today, total US$750 per year.


Total 4 years of secondary boarding school as of today, tuition and fees, is US$3753.


Secondary School Sponsorship is a 4-year commitment.

Change the life of an orphan today.