testimonials - Keumbu Rehema Children’s Home
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Here are our volunteers  sharing their testimonials on their experience with

Keumbu Rehema Children’s Home (KRCH)

Paul Morgan – (London)

I visited KRCH in 2018 as part of a school trip to Kenya, and immediately fell in love with the place. We were given a amazingly warm welcome and were so well looked after by Pastor Roberts, his family and the orphans there, even though they had so little to give.

It was wonderful to see the children so happy and cared for every day, and I really enjoyed having the opportunity to teach for a bit in the local school where many of the orphans attended. Sharing all their experiences there, such as collecting water or helping make Mandazi (never as good as Mama Terry’s), was a reminder of the vital work given there and the everyday challenges that the overcome with smiles and hard work – always made a little easier by the help we can give.

I hope to go back again one day with my own family to see how the orphans have grown, and build on the fantastic memories I already have of this wonderful place.

 Katie Longhurst – (London)

My name is Katie Longhurst and I am a secondary school Maths teacher. In 2009 I visited Kenya for the second time and had the pleasure of staying with a truly inspirational man and his family. Pastor Robert Nyamwange and his wife Terry take in orphans off the streets, feed them, house them, give them an education and an opportunity in life that they would otherwise not have had.

Pastor Robert and I have remained in close contact and some time ago he reached out to me about funding a young orphan girl called Meir’s secondary education. I am very pleased to say that my school have fully funded Meir’s time at secondary school but there are many intelligent young students who have not been so lucky and need your help.

I was very fortunate to be able to visit again in the summer of 2018 with my school and a number of students. It was an incredibly emotional trip but so humbling to see it had barely changed apart from some out-buildings made from corrugated iron for the orphans to sleep. It is clear that everything Pastor Robert has, goes towards these children but each day is a struggle to get enough food for them all. I see it as my role to spread their message.

Philip L. Levin, MD  (USA)

We all know of renowned heroes, such as Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, and Albert Schweitzer. Yet there are many, many more unknowns devoted to helping others. While we all have a bit of altruism, those with huge golden hearts are few.

In 2010 I traveled to Kenya with a bit of altruism of my own. Recruited by a local pastor through an organization out of New Zealand. I journeyed sixty hours to the small town of Keumbu, set in the rolling hills of Western Kenya.

There I volunteered my medical service for four weeks. This yellow stoned building, built in the late 1980s, had never had a physician, being run by “providers,” nurses with two years of training and one year of internship.